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Tips From The Best Freelancers:

What do I need to become a freelance writer?

Well at the risk of stating the bleeding obvious you need to have an ability to write. And don't make the mistake which so many people do. They think because they can speak English it naturally follows that they can write English. They might be able to write English but there is a difference between the average person writing and a professional freelance writer writing. You must have the ability to create according to the demands of the employer. Here is a list of essential requirements if you want to become a freelance writer.

A quality freelance writer will be very good at doing research. This is because there will be a myriad of topics upon which you will have to write something. You will not be expected to have a superb knowledge of each and every one of these topics. You will be expected to research those topics and to take appropriate notes. And from those appropriate notes you will write whatever is required. But you must be good at doing research.

If you do not have a drive or desire to be successful you will never become a freelance writer. The work will not fall out of the sky and land in your lap. If you are a beginner you are starting behind the eight ball. You have a lot of work to do to establish a reputation and earn the right to call yourself a successful freelance writer. Whatever else it takes it takes a great drive and desire to succeed. If you don't have that you are wasting your time.

You must know about the system. You must know how a freelance writer is employed. You must know about writing agencies. You must know about the pay scale which is offered. You must know about how to operate a variety of software programs. You must know how to e-mail files. All of this technical information, which is not super difficult in the first place, is essential if you wish to become a freelance writer.

And then you must have the appropriate skills and connections. Do you know how to operate a basic word processor, computer and do you have the ability to search the web and to find relevant information? All of these skills are basic to you being a successful freelance writer. There are some people who are brilliant writers but are poor at the technical side of using the Internet. And there are some people who are fantastic at understanding software and e-mail and zipping files etc. but can't write to save their lives. You need a combination of the two things.

And finally I forgot to say you also need a lot of luck. But then again it was Fred Astaire who said I don't need luck. I rehearse so much I make my own luck.

Meet Client's Needs

  • You see writing well is the basis of being a successful freelance writer. Almost all employers will have specific requirements. It's not your job to write what you think is a good piece of writing. It's your job to write what the employer wants.

  • It doesn't matter how good your writing might be if it doesn't satisfy the requirements of the employer and unless so you will not become a successful freelance writer. It's a bit like taking an exam.

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