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Five Steps To Improve Your Freelance SEO Writing Skills

SEO articles can make or break a business. The piece needs to repeat the key phrases enough to create the appropriate consumer traffic, but not so much that the writing sounds fake or stiff. A freelance writer will want to know how to obtain the perfect SEO driven article.

Keyword Density

If you overstuff your article with keywords, the search engines may consider your piece to be spam. You want to use just the right amount of keyword. The formula is created by diving the number of words on the article page by the amount of key words used in the piece. Knowing how much is too much, too little, or just right is very important.


An article gets its ranking from reader hits. A ranking cannot be bought. The hits of an article are determined by the right amount of keywords, which creates a relevant traffic base. A company cannot purchase a ranking. A high ranking means that your article will show up first or near the first when a reader des a search.


If you start your piece with an outline, you can determine where to put the key words and the key phrases. An outline will keep you on track. When you finish writing, use the “search in document” feature at the top right hand corner of your word document. This will highlight the keyword you have sued, and let you know how often they word in the paper.

Key phrase and Keyword List

I always make a list of the key words and key phrase before I even make the outline. This way I can keep in my mind what terms I want to include in the paper in order to make it SEO rich, but not over-stuffed.


A way to garner more traffic is to use hyperlinks to articles and sites, which get a lot of traffic. If your link brings a consumer back to your piece, this is a good thing. Consider having hyperlinks in all of your papers and writing to generate more hits.

If you want to improve your freelance SEO writing skills you should have the correct keyword density, shoot for the highest ranking, use an outline, implement a key phrase/key word list, and use hyperlinks. These five secrets will help you to have success as a paid writer.

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