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Searching for Good Freelance Fiction Writing Opportunities

Websites and magazines always need articles, so it is fairly easy to break into this industry. For novel writers, finding jobs and getting published can be difficult. In the beginning, writers should work on getting ghostwriting projects. Although these projects do not offer bylines, they will help the writer build up their resume and develop their writing style.

Start With Ghostwriting

Basic bidding sites and online clients are always hiring ghostwriting. One of the most lucrative topic areas is in the field of romance writing. Even if this is not the writer's intended niche, it is a great way for the writer to gain experience. They will be able to save money, practice their trade and get new clients. Once the writer is financially well-off, they will be able to afford to take time off to work on personal writing projects.

Write a Series

It is much easier for writers to sell books if they are in a series. Readers are more likely to buy another book if it is a continuation of the same story line. Although many novels do not lend themselves to being a series, writers should try to make a series of books if they can.


Years ago, self publishing carried a negative connotation. Even today, self publishing carries less prestige than typical publishing options. Despite this drawback, self publishing a novel can be incredibly lucrative. Instead of getting royalties of five to ten percent with a traditional publisher, the writer receives more than 50 percent of their earnings. This allows the writer to sell fewer books, but still make more money.

To succeed in self publishing, the writer needs to be good at editing and marketing their books. Editing can also be done by hiring a freelance editor online. In addition, writers can hire different services to market their book, or they can research different ways to market it.

Trade Publications and Literary Magazines

For more exposure and a byline, new writers can always try publishing their work in trade publications and literary magazines. Although these publications are highly competitive, they will actually publish short stories and poetry. Fiction writers can send in query letters and proposals with their work. Over time, one or two of the publications may accept the writer's work and actually publish them. In addition to earning the writer some money, it will help to further their creative writing career.

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