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8 Keys To Getting The Most Interesting Freelance Writing Jobs From Home

Working from home has a lot of interesting perks and some of the best ones are being able to work the hours you want and do the jobs that you want, but how do you find and get the jobs that you want?

  1. Research. Check out several online freelance writing web sites. Look at the jobs that they have on offer and at the same time look at your competition. Time spent doing this will pay off in the long run.

  2. Invest. Invest in yourself. Think about the type of writing that you are good at. Not everyone finds it easy to write reports. If you are good at writing repots then you may not find the creative writing comes easy to you. Decide what you are good at based on personal preference and experience.

  3. Prepare. Make an inventory of your writing skills. Decide if you need to brush up on any of these skills. Look for short online courses or courses at your local college.

  4. Portfolio. Pick out a few excellent and recent examples of your work. Use these examples to showcase your skills and abilities, Pick out a range of different types of writing.

  5. Select jobs. When you are choosing which jobs that you would like to do, choose a range of jobs that you would enjoy doing. Be realistic about the time that it will take you to complete a job. If you struggle over referencing skills but find blogs come naturally then choose what you excel at.

  6. Realism. You need to consider what is a realistic payment for the job? You need to make sure that the specification for the job is realistic in terms of time and expectation. Be wary of the client that keeps changing the goal posts. Be prepared to walk away from a job if the client keeps changing their mind over what they want.

  7. Challenges. As you gain confidence, and build your reputation then start looking for jobs that extend your skills and abilities. Make sure that you choose a variety of jobs because one of the reasons that you have chosen to be a freelance writer if because you enjoy writing. Don't let writing become a chore because if will show in your work.

  8. Contact. Keep in contact with your client as you are progressing with your work. This will help you feel that you are part of a team rather than working remotely. Your client may have others jobs that they can pass on to you once they are confident regarding a professional relationship.

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