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Best Methods To Get Editing Jobs For Freelance Writers

Now this kind of assignment is different even if it is still in the freelance writing industry. It involves a lot of reading but takes less time. Or at least, it is supposed to take less time since it is just editing. Not actually coming up with all the words and ideas. With that in mind, there are some tips on getting editing jobs for freelance writers.

Looking Up Editing, Not Writing

There is that research piece again. Can't run away from it. Yes, you do need to look up editing. Many ads you find on popular community sites specifically state that they're looking for both writers and editors. So that's an open door to applying as an editor. When you look beyond the popular ad site, you specifically mention that you're looking for editing.

What Clients Look For

They are always on the lookout for good editors too. The ones that catch everything. They as in clients who have both their writers and their editors. One huge difference is, editors don't earn as much. This is a piece to add to your theses. They don't earn as much since they should be able to read quickly the paper.

So when someone applies for editing work, they need to mention that they are a bit of the grammar police. Their editing is impeccable and without any errors. Companies will like that. Possibly send out examples of the before and after editing samples of your work but just a clip of it. That way they see themselves.

Editing literally takes a fraction of the time that writing takes. So if you bid on a writing site, know that the pay is different than what it would be if you applied for the writing work. Larger companies will mention this. They'll give a brief list of the “positions” you can apply for, with editing being one of them.

These are great, yet brief suggestions and thoughts that can be mentioned in an essay about freelance editing. Mention some of the reason people might want to do this kind of work.

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