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How Long Does It Take To Become A Well-Paid Freelance Writer?

Being a freelancer is a rewarding thing. If you know your skills that, you can sell and are an expert of your field then it is a great idea to move to the freelancing industry. The boss you are working for might be too nice already, you might be very loyal to your company, you may enjoy the fringe benefits and incentives the company gives you but you can never ignore the fact that on top of all that they do for you; they still make a good margin. This is the profit of their company and the margin is off course in paying low wages to the employees. What you might consider a just salary for yourself must be only a part of what you deserve in actual for your talent and hard work. It goes for the writing industry as well.

Writers usually are moody people and find very hard to adjust with all kinds of environments. They are sensitive and have a sense of observation stronger than others have. A writer can tell earlier and better if he is being exploited if compared with an accountant or an engineer. Writers switch jobs more often because they know what they are capable of and what their audience requires from them. Artists can hardly be employed on permanent contracts. If you are working as a web content writer in a company and they pay you let’s say $1500 for all the unique ideas and words you come up with, you can leave them and start your own freelancing business where you can earn a number of times better.

However, the most important thing that new freelancers fail to understand is that running your individual business and being self-employed has its own drawbacks. You will not start making a good amount of cash since the very first month. You might actually have to wait for a few months for the big bucks to come in. it is therefore, very important that you stay patient and consistent with quality services. Do not expect too high from the freelance industry all of a sudden. There will be huge rewards, but you need to be patient enough for them.

Lastly, the only competitive edge in the freelance industry is the client’s trust. You need to take your clients in confidence and treat them with ultimate respect so that they can stick with you for a long term.

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