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Looking For Part-Time Freelance Technical Writing Jobs

If a full-time job doesn’t bring you enough income, freelancing could be your way out. Here are some vital tips on how to make it easier.

  1. Make it right.

    • Avoid content mills. It may seem like there’s a lot of potential but you need to remember that you simply don’t have any time to waste for that kind of task.

    • Don’t set for low-paid jobs. Writing a lot of articles for little pay doesn’t bring any sense of satisfaction and there’s a huge risk that at some point you’ll stop trying at all and lose a great opportunity for your career.

    • Be specific in your search. Choose a subject you’re good at, and go for it. Look for something that interests you.

    • Choose companies with good reputation and work history. It’s great if they have worked with technical writers but it’s optional.

    • Be ready to settle for medium-paid projects. If you’re only starting, keep in mind that your pay will increase gradually. Think of it as a great opportunity to build up your portfolio. One project may not pay for your check and it shouldn’t. It doesn’t work like that.

    • Write while you search. Finding a project may take some time, so start writing things you would like to do as a freelancer. It’s really practical because you continue building up (or expanding) your portfolio.

  2. Present yourself in the best way.

    • Have a CV and a cover letter template ready. It may be necessary if you decide to register at a website for freelancers. Don’t forget to alter them for different projects and clients.

    • Know how to communicate. If a client asks you to mention something in your bid, it’s better to mention it (until it’s a scam, so be careful). Don’t waste anyone’s time and get to the point. It’s also useful to list some examples of your work.

    • When you do get a project, be serious about it. It’s your first step towards a great technical writing career, so do your best.

  3. Think about your future.

    • Pay attention to managing other activities. This is crucial for a part-time technical writer. There’s no point in freelancing if it seriously affects other spheres of your life.

    • Track how often you need to work in addition to your full-time job. If the answer is “quite a lot”, it may be the time to start looking for another position. If you decide to do so, keep in mind that you can find a part-time job as it will allow you to continue freelancing. This will be really convenient if you’ve already built up your connections and you don’t want to lose them.

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