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10 Vital Tips for Freelance Short Story Writers without Experience

Freelance short story writers appear to struggle at the beginning as they search for experience. Some learn very fast while others experience a slight delay. Some give up along the way because they do not have the secret to success for short story writing. Here are useful tips to ensure success.

  1. Begin the story
  2. Your story will never be written until the day you will produce the first word. Work with the instructions given or the idea on your head to create the first word. Eventually, you will have a sentence, a paragraph, a page and a story to hand over.

  3. Value for time
  4. Short stories are brief and to the point. Ensure that the introductory remarks offer your reader the best value for time. At the end of the first paragraph or page, the person should feel that the time was spent valuably.

  5. Provide an anchor character
  6. The reader should have the joy of identifying with a character immediately he starts reading. This is the person to whom your reader can attach emotions. The number of characters should be as limited as possible.

  7. Let every character be valuable
  8. Your characters should add value to the plot. Let everyone who appears in the story want something. Short stories require such strong characters that without him or her, the story would collapse.

  9. Value in sentences
  10. Every sentence appearing in your story should fulfill either to the two roles. It should develop the character or advance the plot. There is no room for hanging sentences in freelance short story writing.

  11. Start at the end
  12. Short stories are best when they take the discovery format. This means giving your reader a scenario that arouses curiosity. The reader will be interested in discovering how the action got to that point.

  13. Sadism works
  14. Let something terrible happen to your main character. Though your target end is sweet, readers identify with pain easier than with joy. Further, it is through overcoming this pain that the character will thrive.

  15. Target a single reader
  16. You cannot please everyone who reads your work. What works for men does not work for women. What works for elite does not work for the masses. Identify your audience and offer him the best possible.

  17. Tell the most as soon as possible
  18. Do not waste words or time. Within the short paragraphs, let the reader know as much as possible. Time and words are valuable in short story writing.

  19. Write as much
  20. No short story freelance writer has penned a perfect story. It takes time and trial. It is with time that you will master the art.

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