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How To Find A Freelance Fiction Writing Job: Vital Advice

Freelance writing is usually associated with non-fiction jobs, like creating web content. However, you may earn good money by writing and publishing short stories too. If you’re a talented writer and you want to transform this hobby into your profession, it’s advisable to read the tips below. They’ll help you start your career and find good customers.

  1. Improve your skills.
  2. To be a professional writer, you should have excellent writing skills. It’s advisable to take writing courses and practice writing every day. This way, you’ll develop your storytelling skills and find your own unique style.

  3. Choose your genre.
  4. You should concentrate on a particular type of stories if you want them to be interesting to the reader. You may write science-fiction, detective, or love stories. Choose the genre that you like the most and that will enable you to reach your full potential.

  5. Write a few good stories.
  6. To persuade a publisher that you’re a good writer and it’s worth cooperating with you, you should have at least three interesting short stories that will prove your creativeness and professionalism. Put plenty of effort into your first professional works in order to impress potential publishers. It’s advisable to use services of a competent editor to proofread your stories.

  7. Visit job boards.
  8. This website and other job boards contain plenty of vacancies and offers for freelancers. There is a chance that you’ll find somebody who will pay for publishing your stories and ask you to write more.

  9. Contact literary journals.
  10. There are many printed or online publications that focus on fiction writing. They publish poetry, short stories, and literary criticism. If you contact a journal that specializes on your genre, they may buy your stories.

  11. Take part in anthologies.
  12. There are publishers that create books consisting of many short stories written by different authors. This is a good way to start your career and publish a few works.

  13. Contact consumer magazines.
  14. Some consumer magazines also have sections for short stories. This is a common practice for monthly women magazines or magazines for children.

  15. Create a professional site.
  16. Once you’ve managed to earn some money on your stories, you should create a personal website where you’ll write about your background, services, and prices. Then, you should link your site to your social network accounts in order to make more people notice you. It’s advisable to join fiction writing communities and advertise yourself there too. This way, you’ll greatly increase the chance of finding new customers.

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