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10 Interesting Facts About The Professional Freelance Writer's Lifestyle

In most cases, most people do prefer having a stable job and get a stable income. Obviously that is the ideal case, since job security is rather valued nowadays. However, have you ever considered becoming a professional freelance writer instead? That would potentially increase your income considerably! Well, this would only happen if you were a very good writer. In fact, living the life of a professional freelancer is actually pretty interesting. Here are some facts that you may not know:

  1. They have their own schedules
  2. It’s pretty interesting, right? But freelancers can set their schedules however they want it. All they have to do is to inform the client and that’s it!

  3. They can make a lot of money – more than your usual job
  4. Depends on the amount of job the freelancer wants, he or she could be making an absolute fortune! However, it would be very tiring and it’s tough.

  5. They don’t get a lot of time to rest
  6. Obviously, as a freelance writer, you wouldn’t get a lot of time to be resting. You should be working for most of the day, because the more you work, the more money you make!

  7. It could be their part-time job only!
  8. If you have excellent time management, you could even make this a part-time job, which means you can work a day job and a night job everyday!

  9. They have the opportunity to work for the biggest companies in the world
  10. Sometimes, the global companies could ask for freelancing work and you could even write for them! That’s great isn’t it?

  11. They are usually highly qualified!
  12. You have to very well educated and your ability to write articles and contents would need to be very high.

  13. They work almost everyday
  14. There is basically no Sunday off. Working every day should be a norm and there isn’t much time to waste.

  15. They love their job!
  16. Despite everything about the job, people love it! The freedom is great and it’s always nice to not have someone next to you (i.e. your boss!) bugging you all the time.

  17. It is very stressful being a freelancer
  18. When you struggle to get jobs (which could happen at times), it becomes stressful, because that’s essentially your livelihood!

  19. Socialising could become difficult!
  20. You wouldn’t have the time to hang out with your friends as a professional. That’s a trade off that you have to make.

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