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A Guide for Freelance Fashion Writers: Basic Skills to Possess

To make it as a freelance writer, individuals need to find a niche area. By picking a specific subject like fashion, the writer can easily reach out to the exact clients that they want. In order to become a fashion writer, new freelancers will need to know about the field and be able to write well. Fashion houses always need people to help explain and market their products, so there is always a place for writers within the industry.

How It Works

Writers will need to stay up on the latest fashions. To get published in a magazine or a newspaper, the writer will need to spin content and create articles about new styles. Over the last few years, online publications have become popular in the industry. Writers can work for websites or blogs and earn their living from the comfort of their home.

In general, writers in this industry will need to be able to create concise, clear content. They should be able to write a high-quality of article and turn in revisions on time. Likewise, some writers may need to edit or revise the work of other writers. They may work on a team of writers, or they may be assigned an individual project.

Becoming a Success

In the beginning, the first goal is to just find projects in the field. This means that writers may have to work for a low wage or for free as they build up a portfolio. New writers may have to bid lower than their competitors. Starting a blog or a website will also help the writer to develop a professional following. As the writer progresses in their career, they will be able to build up the testimonials and recommendations that they need to get more work.

Working for Free: Is It Worth It?

The short answer to this question is yes. Initially, an internship or unpaid work are a great way to get recommendations and testimonials. In the long term, writers will have to limit unpaid projects. Unless the work is extremely interesting or offers a well-placed byline, the writer will need to turn it down. At some point, the writer will need to pay their bills and this requires paid work.

Finding Work

To find work in this field, writers should network with other writers and clients. They can apply for a variety of different websites online, or they can pitch articles directly to fashion magazines. In addition, writers can find clients through bidding sites that are available for freelancers.

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