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How To Get Paid For Ghostwriting Freelance Jobs: Tips For Beginners

If you are interested in becoming a freelance writer then you may be wondering how to go about things. For example, it may be that you want to become a ghostwriter, who creates written work on behalf of other people. It may be that you are interested in writing e-book for other people, or it might be that you would like to create a range of other articles or content, which will then be published under someone else’s name.

Ghostwriting is very common within the writing industry, with numerous positions available. In order to help start a career, the following provides some tips and information relating to getting paid.

Where to find writing jobs to begin with

In order to get paid as a ghostwriter, you first need to find jobs to begin with. There are many possible avenues that you may wish to take; for example, there are numerous freelance websites online through which new writers can find a variety of different writing positions.

In fact, these freelance websites provide some of the easiest solutions when it comes to finding ghostwriting opportunities, as you do not need to spend too much time looking for clients. However, the competition can sometimes be great for each individual job and some of the clients who post opportunities are unwilling to pay particularly high rates for any work that they receive; nevertheless, as a beginner, it can be a good way of starting your career.

Ensuring that any funds are held in a third-party account

Most freelance websites will act as a middleman when it comes to payments. In fact, it is quite common for them to provide a third-party account, in which funds will be held until the job is completed. However, you should remember not to start any work until the funds are in place, so that you know you can get paid at the end of it. If there are no funds in place, then you put yourself at risk of doing the work for the client, only for them to refuse to pay.

How long should you wait to get paid?

Many writers will wonder how long it should take them to get paid. Ultimately, this depends upon the nature of the job, the client that you’re working for, and how long it takes you to complete the work. It may be that you get paid almost instantly for some work that you do, or you may have to wait several days, or even longer.

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