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8 Great Suggestions On How To Get Freelance Medical Writing Jobs

As if freelancing isn’t already tough, being a medical freelance writer surely tops the list. Pharmaceutical companies, or other clients in the medical field, don’t usually trust freelance writer: they hire professional writers, doctors, and professors to do the job. In such a bleak scenario, it doesn’t really help your case if you say you are a freelance writer. But fret not; here are eight great suggestions on how to get freelance medical writing jobs:

8 great suggestions on how to get freelance medical writing jobs

  1. Learn who you want to write for: Is it medical institutions? Is it pharmaceutical companies? Is it hospitals? Every client you write for needs a different tone and voice in their words: understand them. When you do, you will have found your niche in the medical writing field.

  2. Learn to market yourself: Invest in good, old fashioned high-class stationery. Get business cards. Tell more and more people about your services. The more you spread the word, the more likely you are to get jobs.

  3. Write for an acquaintance/friend at first: Find a friend in need of what you write, and do the work for him/her. Tell him/her that you are a writer, and the next time he/she finds someone in need of medical writing, they will refer the client to you. Thus, you will build your network.

  4. Read before you pitch: The gravest mistake you can make while pitching to a magazine/journal/client will be not to read the kind of work they publish. How can you write for them if you are not familiar with their tone? Thus, before you pitch an idea, read what the client actually published and adopt that tone.

  5. Don’t stop pitching: It is true that clients won’t hire someone who does not have experience, but that should not prevent you from pitching. Start small: aim for local publications first, and then move to bigger academic journals.

  6. Visit pharmacies/hospitals and so on: Take some time out and visit your local drug store, pharmacy or hospital. Find out if they want something written or whether they would like a cover story about their health care system. Clients will be more likely to promote you if you promote them.

  7. Market yourself through press releases: You can also write press releases for different medical events, drives, and donations. Once you establish yourself as a writer, you can start building your resume by banking on your rapport with clients.

  8. Approach the local newspaper: Ask them if they are in need of stringers. Since health care is a dynamic field, most newspapers are often looking for stringers for updates. Thus, you can offer to cover stories for them and build your network.

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