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Freelance Writing For Beginners: 5 Golden Rules To Keep In Mind

There was a time when freelance writing was often understood as a self-employed journalist. However, since the advent of Internet and floating of millions of sites, content has gained enormous importance. There is ever a vacancy for budding and experienced writers and so the rising popularity of the trend.

The salient codes

Freelance writing, though, is not an easy cake to bake. You need all the ingredients. There are germane rules to follow just as you step into the task. Here are 5 of the salient ones:

  1. Choose your methodology – Choose whether you wish to cover a particular genre or all genres. If you pick one, you need to gain considerable current knowledge and hold objective grounding on the subject, be it sports, politics or fashion. Don’t take half-measures.

  2. Sharpen your style of writing – Some people write crisply, some fluently and some precisely. However you write, ensure that your writing has a signature tune, which defines you. Work on the style and keep increasing your vocabulary and their use.

  3. Learn the online gimmicks – There are things of note online such as page ranking, keyword density and hot trends. You should ever be well-read about them so your blogs or articles are well-formatted and can garner suggestive views. DO not plagiarize thoughts and ideas from others. This will put you in jeopardy.

  4. Know your limits – Remember that the foremost necessity of freelance writing is to meet deadlines. You have to be punctual with your articles and keep mishaps to minimum. Assess your writing capacity and accordingly promise the number of articles per day or per session. It is better to write 500 words excellently than 2 thousand words in ordinary fashion just to keep the date.

  5. Treat writing as passion – Freelance writing can become quite boring if you treat the work as an automaton would. You should instill love and passion in your work so that you look forward to it every day. Sometimes, you may be required to write 3-4 different articles on the same topic. You will not pass the crust if you don’t feel passionate about it. You cease to feel the burden of work when you start loving what you do.

Work with honesty

Work with honesty, discipline and diligence. Try acquiring further knowledge on the genre you are covering in your free time. The additional knowledge will help you in future.

Write blogs as if you are writing it for yourself. The interest factor will automatically funnel in.

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